Achieving Loyalty in FIFA 19

In the process of creating our team in FUT 19, we have all discovered an attribute that we do not know very well how it works, but that is totally fundamental to get to win games with comfort. We are going to teach you how to get loyalty in FIFA 19, the attribute of the players that matters most and that influences the overall chemistry of our team.

Improve loyalty in FIFA 19
To achieve loyalty in FIFA 19, we must take into account several factors, although we also recommend that you know the rest of the attributes of Ultimate Team and FUT 19 in order to master them, since that will be key to be able to focus on this attribute that, unlike chemistry affects players at the individual level. How do we get it and how do we improve it?
The most important thing to achieve loyalty in FUT 19 is to play games. To give you an idea, so that one of our players can have loyalty to the maximum must have played 10 games in total. Of course, it does not matter if you start or enter the game from the bench, so keep this in mind when making rotations in games.

Trick to get loyalty without connection
Taking into account that it does not matter what minutes the players play to get loyalty in FIFA 19, obviously, one of the tricks that we recommend is that you always make all three changes, even in the last minute of the game. Those players who go out to play the trash minutes will also get loyalty.

One of the tricks that we recommend to get loyalty in FIFA 19 is to play offline, that is, with internet disabled. Play against the team of the week, put the ball in play and when the ball leaves the field of play, exit the game and do it again. You will get loyalty, even if you lose matches. Well before all of these, you should prepare coins and players for your team, which you bought get via buying fifa 19 cofmort trade. Remember to use safe service.