EA Sports Corner: most used FIFA 20 FUT players in 2019

FIFA Ultimate Team is the game mode most used by FIFA 20 players (and the previous ones). Fans expect each year to build the best possible team by opening the envelopes, making the Template Creation Challenges or going to the transfer market. There are several ways to get the best players.

Of course, it is rare to find the best players in the world players in envelopes. There are many players and the probability of opening an envelope with Cristiano Ronaldo, Messi or Van Dijk is very low. And much less one of the essential icons for the competitive.

The best way to sign great players is in the player market. But first you have to have the necessary number of coins to sign that player we like so much. As a result, a list of the most used soccer players in FIFA 20 FUT can be made, something that EA Sports teammates have brought in their last video of the year.

These are the most used FIFA 20 Ultimate Team players:


Most used FIFA 20 FUT players in 2019

Ter Stegen POR 90 (FC Barcelona)

Semedo LD 82 (FC Barcelona)

Militão DFC 81 (Real Madrid)

Lenglet DFC 85 (FC Barcelona)

Mendy LI 80 (Real Madrid)

Wijnaldum MC 84 (Liverpool)

De Jong MC 85 (FC Barcelona)

Sissoko MC 81 (Tottenham Hotspur)

Dembelé ED 84 (FC Barcelona)

Saint-Maximin ED 79 (Newcastle United)

Ben Yedder DC 83 (AS Monaco)


In addition, Toniemcee and Stephen, the presenters of the video, have chosen their 12th player, to match the 12 year-end chimes with the number of players in the squad. Stephen chooses Mané and Toni doesn’t want to fall short and shows his winning card: Cristiano Ronaldo.


What do you think about it? Did you think the list of players was correct? Do you have a better alignment? Do not forget to leave your comments in the comments box and do not forget to visit U7Buy! to get the cheapest players for FIFA 20! Also, don´t forget that we have the cheapest FIFA 20 coins of the whole market! Be sure to reach us soon!


(Contributed by Salazar.Cien)