EA Sports denies that they are using a patent to regulate the difficulty

No, not even FIFA 19 (which we have already tested) or any of its previous games makes use of a patent that allows the title to change the difficulty dynamically depending on what the player does. That’s how forceful they have shown themselves in EA Sports after denying an accusation that, on the other hand, has happened throughout these years. However, the appearance of old patents has revived the debate.

The idea that fuels these complaints comes from the feeling that this type of games, when you lose, reward somehow these players, while the game experience becomes more complicated when the victory is in the making. However, as has already been said, EA Sports has denied it categorically.

How is the patent?

According to the document, it is “a technique to adapt the difficulty of the game and make it easier or more difficult”. The objective is – always according to the description – to “maximize the commitment” of the player. Among the characteristics of the patent is the fact that some of these changes can be detected or not by the user, such as the possibility of increasing the character’s speed or improving the distance or height of the protagonist’s jump.

“In some cases,” says the patent, “adjustments may include the possibility of reducing a character’s ability rather than improving it. For example, the protagonist may be faster but less precise when shooting. ”

FIFA 20 and the return of the Street concept

FIFA 20 is one of the games presented during the EA Play 2019, the event parallel to the E3 that EA organizes every year. For now, the American company has announced VOLTA Football, which ultimately works as FIFA Street, which means that players compete in games at the foot of the track, in smaller fields located in parks around the world.

What can you expect to the FIFA 20, could it contains more subtle changes of FIFA coin system? Or more players avaliable? Stay tuned and you will see!