FIFA 18 What The Journey: Hunter Returns is About – Spoilers!

FIFA 18 has a story driven mode The Journey: Hunter Returns. As the name suggests, the new story is a continuation of previous events from FIFA 17. It’s not a big deal if users haven’t played FIFA 17 story mode. When they start The Journey: Hunter Returns they will receive a briefing on past events.

The new story begins with Alex Hunter on the beach, playing casual football with kids, and having a good time. Vacation ends and Hunter is back in England. One of his acquaintances makes a remark about Michael still being Hunter’s agent. After the game with Real Madrid in the USA, Hunter is approached by Ronaldo who thinks Alex has what it takes to play for his team. Alex also meets with his dad for dinner. Michael informs Alex that Real Madrid wants him on the team so they initiate the transfer request. Alex’s fans are not happy about him leaving the team so he loses some popularity. It turns out that the Real Madrid deal was a scam and Alex is demoted to the youth team. Michael admits that he should have been more careful with the deal. Alex has to choose between firing him or not. A call from Hunter’s dad sends Hunter on the next step on his journey. He accepts to play for the American team, LA Galaxy. During his time in Los Angeles, Hunter gets close to his family, especially his sister, Kim.

The season ends and Hunter has to make a choice about his new team. He can join Bayern Munich, Atletico Madrid, or Paris Saint-Germain. He also learns that his friend Danny Williams is playing for his old team. Hunter suffers a knee injury. Players can switch and play with Williams to save his career if they wish. This part is completely optional. Alex’s knee is better and he can play again. If he manages to lead his team into the final, his saves his team manager from being fired. Alex is back in the USA when he gets a call from an agent who wants to make a star out of him. This is where the story ends.