FIFA 20: mysterious bug with Ultimate Team card causes controversy

FIFA 20 had a mysterious bug in the Ultimate Team mode that caused controversy among players last week. A flaw in the Casting Challenge allowed some users to get a special card from athlete Ben Yedder, with high status, in a cheaper way than usual. After realizing the problem, the producer Electronic Arts took the challenge off the air, but many competitors already had access to the athlete.

Users who do not have the card believe that it offers an unfair advantage in the mode. According to the Eurogamer website, player complaints dominated social media over the weekend, so “Ben Yedder” became a trending topic on Twitter.

Wissam’s Ben Yedder Player of the Month Card featured Monaco’s top scorer with higher status than the normal version, with an 88 level of skill. To obtain it, players needed to permanently exchange five cards from a team with an average of 86 that fulfilled yet other traditional factors of the mode, such as nationality and rapport. However, users found that it was possible to make the switch with level 80 athletes. This allowed the card to be obtained for approximately 150 thousand or 200 thousand FUT coins less than normal.

The exploit quickly became an issue in the FIFA community and many players got the “cheap” athlete. However, users who did not arrive on time were irritated and justified that these competitors obtained an unfair advantage.

Electronic Arts removed the challenge about 30 minutes after its release, and returned cards from users who were in the middle of the process. Despite this, the company did not remove the card from those who completed the exchange during this period. It is worth mentioning that a new challenge is now available with higher requirements.


What is Ultimate Team?

In Ultimate Team mode, users can compete against other players using a team made up of their own card collection. Each card represents an athlete in his line-up. The objective of this way, in addition to winning the matches, is to increase your collection with better and better cards through reward packages – and thus build stronger and stronger teams.

At the end of each game, the user receives virtual currency in the form of “FUT Coins“, which are used to buy FIFA player packs in the hope of obtaining new stars, since the content of each pack is random. There is also the option to spend real money in exchange for Fifa Points to purchase the packages. You can also buy legit FIFA coins at U7BUY store.


(Contributed by Salazar.Cien)