FIFA 21 Is Officially Confirmed and Revealed

FIFA 20 players have less than four months left to enjoy their favorite football simulator game. That’s because the next game in the EA SPORTS FIFA series is coming at the beginning of October. We knew that a new FIFA game is in the works but we had no official info about it until now. FIFA 21 was officially confirmed and several details were revealed. You should know that you can already pre-order the game. It is available on all major platforms. As you can imagine, pre-ordering comes with several benefits. You can start playing as early as October 1st, depending on the game version you decide to buy.

One of the pre-order bonuses for this year’s EA SPORTS FIFA game comes with benefits for Career mode. The pre-order bonus is called Homegrown Talent. The first club players start in Career mode will have a young local footballer that has a lot of potential. You can use this bonus every time you begin a new save on your profile. Loan items will be available too as a pre-order bonus but more details will be revealed at a later time.

FIFA 21 is also coming to next-gen consoles, PlayStation5 and XBOX Series X. The release date for next-gen is not available yet because we don’t know when the consoles will be released. It’s possible that FIFA 21 will be among the first games available on next-generation consoles. The pre-order bonuses are available on next-gen too.

Until next-gen consoles release, we can play FIFA 21 on current generation and PC. There will be a Nintendo Switch edition available this year but don’t get your hopes up. It will be another legacy edition with no gameplay improvement, only updated cosmetics. If you plan on waiting for the game on next-gen consoles, you shouldn’t. The dual entitlement program allows you to get FIFA 21 for next-gen for free if you own a copy of the game on current-gen. The progress transfers so you don’t have to start over. Make sure to read about dual entitlement first as there are a few conditions.

If you are worried that the upgrade offer expires after a while, you should know that you have until FIFA 22 comes out to upgrade. Info about the gameplay is scarce at this moment but we know that the new game will take things to the next level. We can expect serious improvements regarding the gameplay and also the graphics.

We will learn more in the following months. And U7BUY will be there for you to offer cheap FIFA 21 coins in the beginning of October. Stay tuned at U7BUY FIFA store for more discounts and breaking news.


(Contributed by Reda; Edited by Hermes_Fang)