FIFA Mobile – Celebrate Lunar New Year 2019

Lunar New Year is back in FIFA Mobile. It’s one of the favorite events because it has nice activities and awesome rewards. This year’s event can be played by tapping on the Events button on the main screen. The event starts with a guide. Neymar explains what this event is all about. Don’t worry if you are a FIFA Mobile veteran that is already familiar with the events’ structure. The guide doesn’t take too long.

Players will notice that the event has three tabs: Main, Red Envelope, and Zodiac. The main tab is split into two panels. The first one contains activities that allow players to earn event currency such as Lunar points and red envelopes. Players will take part in skill games to get these rewards. They can also watch ads or get packs and bundles from the store. The special packs contain Lunar players among points and red envelopes. The activities panel refreshes every eight hours so don’t forget to check it out to get as many rewards as possible. The other panel from the Main tab allows players to exchange Lunar points for rewards such as FIFA coins, Lunar Fu points, firecrackers, boosts, Lunar training XP, and special event players. There are 28 rewards including OVR 95 Martial, OVR 96 Milinkovic-Savic, and OVR 97 Sane footballers. The second tab, Red Envelope, allows players to unveil and claim rewards. They will use red envelope currency to open offers. There are 25 offers that can be opened per day. If players unlock them all in a day, they get an extra reward. Zodiac tab is where you will spend Fu points. Each time you spend points, you have the chance to get footballers and items. The rewards are random but you won’t get the same player twice. The OVR of the players that can be obtained as a reward ranges from 86 to 91. Don’t forget to visit the store to check out the Lunar New Year packs and bundles. The event ends on February 18.