How to Use the Transfer Market of FIFA 19

FIFA 19 has a marketplace feature called the transfer market. This the place where players can buy and sell items. Coins are the currency used at the transfer market. There’s a 5% fee for using the market. Players can buy and sell any item that is not marked as untradeable. Football player items, consumables, staff items, and more can be bought and sold at the market. This is a great place to get new football players for your squads. However, players should keep in mind that prices can be pretty high, especially for good items.

If you want to sell items on the market, you have to open the item’s menu and choose the list on transfer market option. You will have to decide on a price for that item. The compare price feature comes in handy. You can use this option to see a price estimate. This option will show for how much an item of that type is being sold. You can list the item at whatever price you like. Decide on a starting sum that will represent the minimum price for that item. Players will then bid and the highest bidder gets the item when the time expires. The buy now price allows players to buy an item on the spot. There is a minimum for both prices. The seller will also choose the time period for which the item is available. Check the transfer list option to see your seller history. This feature will show what items were sold or not sold, which items you have marked to sell, and any items you are selling at the moment.

If you want to buy items on the market, you can use the search function to look for the item by name. There are also categories to browse. If you are looking to buy fut players, you can browse by quality, club, chemistry, league, position, and league. You can place a bid on an item or pay the buy now price and get it on the spot. You can use the transfer targets option to see your buyer history such as active bids, watched items, expired bids, and won bids.