Madden NFL Update 18 – AI-controlled

The new update begins by solving an issue where some AI-controlled runners moved too slowly or did not perform special moves. This patch also fixes an exploit where kick-returners can be forced out of bounds within their own five-yard line in some specific situations.

In addition, EA said in his blog post that he is aware that players want to be able to better address a carrier of the ball that is running a juke or a spin. The developer is working on this, for defenders controlled by AI and controlled by the user. You can see the full notes of the patch below for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

With the NFL playoffs now in full swing, you may be thinking about choosing Madden NFL 18. If you can wait, EA usually offers a less expensive edition of the Super Bowl game in late January / early February, although it does not has confirmed nothing for this year so far.

Madden NFL 18 January 9 Patch notes:

Game updates

Substantial reduction of counterfeits for user-controlled defenders when defending special movements of the ball carrier

Lightweight penalty reduction for defenders controlled by the AI ​​when defending special movements of the ball carrier

Solved a problem that was causing some carriers of AI-controlled balloons to move slowly and / or not perform special movements

Adjusted to decrease the wide range on kickoffs to address the kickoff attack that could force returners out of bounds within their own five-yard line

Are those the updates you were looking for? Or do you expected some others? Tell us your opinion in the comments box.

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