NBA 2K18 – The New MyTeam Overdrive Collection is Available!

MyTeam, the most popular NBA 2K18 mode, has tons of cards that can be used to form unique teams to conquer different types of challenges. Collections or sets are released on regular basis so players have even more cards to choose from when building a team. Overdrive is one of the recently added collections. It has plenty of cards. Some are acquired and some are earned. The collection reward is a card that is not found in packs. The card represents Allen Iverson and it’s unlocked after the collection is completed. Iverson is depicted as part of the Philadelphia 76ers. This was the team along which he started his NBA career in 1996. He left the 76ers in 2006 to return three years later in 2009. The card is a pink diamond and it’s a great option for an offensive position. The card’s best attributes are ball-handling and speed. It’s a card that will tip the odds in the owner’s favor but there many other good NBA 2K18 MT cards in this collection. All players in this set have the ability to turn the tide and secure a victory for their teams.

The diamond cards that are available are Bernard King, Jason Richardson, DeMarcus Cousins, Lou Hudson, Isiah Thomas, and Tim Duncan. Bernard King from New York Knicks is a good card for scoring. Jason Richardson from the Golden State Warriors is one of the best cards in this collection. DeMarcus Cousins was MVP many times. The card is good for rebounding and dunking. Another card that has good shooting is Hudson. Thomas has speed and acrobatic scoring as his best attributes. Tim Duncan is also a good scorer. Four amethyst cards are available in Overdrive packs. These cards are Kyrie Irving, Gail Goodrich, Larry Nance, and LeBron James. Five ruby cards come to complete the collection. Kris Dunn has good driving and dunking. Matt Barnes is fit for a defensive position. Another card that offers defense is Frank Ntilikina. John Collins is a versatile card. Jonathan Isaac is a skilled power forward.