The 5 FIFA 19 Midfielders with the Best Potential

Mastering the game is important, but knowing how to sign young promises, too. Next, we offer a list of midfielders who can offer more growth and progression, and therefore, more potential in FIFA 19. A group of footballers who are emerging in the elite of real football.

1. Leon Bailey (Bayer Leverkusen) – Potential 89
20 years. Left handed. Another young promise of the German team of the multinational chemical and pharmaceutical company. The Jamaican begins with a high rating, an 82, which can rise to 89. Acceleration, sprint and dribbling are his most outstanding skills.

2. Nicolò Barella (Cagliari) – Potential 89
21 years. Right handed. Serie A contemplates another of the most booming footballers within FIFA. The Italian of Cagliari has an initial valuation of 77. Arriving at 89 is its high point. Aggression and resistance for the center of the team’s field.

3. Rodrigo Bentancur (Juventus) – Potential 89
21 years. Right handed. The Charrua of Juventus of Turin starts his way in FIFA with a rating of 77 with the possibility of climbing to a potential of 89. The short pass and the resistance are two of his strengths.

4. Sandro Tonali (Brescia) – Potential 89
18 years. Right handed. The progression that this Italian can achieve in FIFA 2019 is spectacular. Peeks the head with a global rating of 69, but can go up to 89. It is also a player that can be buy fifa 19 player for a very low cost.

5. Houssem Aouar (Olympique de Lyon) – Potential 89
20 years. Right handed. The French midfielder starts with a global rating of 79 that can go up to 89. His vision of the game and his short pass are the skills that give the Olympique midfielder more points.