De Bruyne and Other Cracks in the Team of the Week 31

We reached week number 31 since the arrival of FIFA 19 and like every Wednesday, we received a new Team of the Week. A team full of walkers and many cracks that will make in the rewards of FUT Champions have a greater opportunity to get an interesting player for our templates.

The team of the week is the way in which FIFA improves the cards of the 23 players that form it depending on their performances in the real soccer fields. These letters begin to appear in envelopes starting on Wednesdays at 7:00 p.m.

On this occasion we will only have two players in the Spanish league: Athletic player Iñaki Williams and Villarreal’s Argentine central defender Funes Mori. The Spanish striker receives his second IF card and has some very interesting stats, although far from his Carniball card. We also have the presence of Pepe Reina, for his performance against Lazio, with six stops.
Among the 23 players we have two dynamic cards. Pépé, possessor of a Headliner and Nainggolan that has an OTW card. The end of Ivory Coast reaches nothing more and nothing less than his fifth IF (In Form), being the only player to have so many appearances in the team of the week. On the other hand Nainggolan receives his second IF and will have very complete stats.
The Headliners belong to a special team that came out at the beginning of this 2019 and that improve depending on if the player leaves in the team of the week. These dynamic cards are one point ahead of their last IF and are updated. The Pépé Headliner will have 89 on average. And the OTW (Ones To Watch) are letters released at the beginning of the season and during the winter market that are updated and get the statistics of their latest In Form.
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The starting eleven is full of walkers and cracks that can come very well in our templates. Koulibaly and De Bruyne are the two big stars of the team, with 92 on average each. The Senegalese midfielder is undoubtedly one of the best in the game for his physical strength, while the City midfielder receives his first IF, after a season marked by injuries, thanks to his performance against Crytal Palace with two assists.