Did you know that you can become a FIFA 18 coach?

Get paid to practice your hobby. Little people have been given it, but nowadays it is quite possible for gamers. There is a lot to earn with tournaments and on YouTube you can also fill your pockets as a gamer. The disadvantage is that you are not sure of your income and that the competition is murderous. Fortunately, there is now a third option for FIFA 18 players.

How about becoming a FIFA 18 coach? What you are going to do is help other FIFA players to get better. This can be done in many ways. For example, you will teach other gamers how to curl free kicks at the intersection, how to build a FUT team that is as strong as possible, which setups you can best use and so on.

Share your FIFA 18 knowledge

As a mentor you help other players to get the most out of their game. Of course there is a nice compensation for this. There are some companies that pay at least 10 dollars per hour or few FUT 18 Coins account. Not bad for playing your favorite game anyway? If you are a real pro and you think your knowledge is worth more, then you can earn more. You determine your price yourself.

Coaching is done by playing against your student, by watching live with his matches or simply by giving tips via chat. Sounds ideal right? There is only one important point that you have to meet and that is your level. If you occasionally play a game of FIFA, you probably will not go for it. The minimum requirement is that you play in Division 1 with online seasons or FIFA Ultimate Team.

Do you meet this requirement and are you professionally skilled? Do not wait any longer and start earning money by playing FIFA 18 Tip: Search: FIFA 18 coach in Google.