FIFA 18 PS4 for Sale at Christmas Day

Days ago, Sony launched its famous promotion “12 Christmas Offers” in the PS Store of its current PlayStation 4 console and thanks to which we can buy 12 specific games at a discounted price., the fifa 18 coins maybe is cheaper than other times. Once the ‘Call of Duty: WWII’ offer has come to an end, it is time to renew and make a new game available to the players of this console. This time, the one chosen by Sony is none other than ‘FIFA 18’: a title developed by EA Sports and we can find quite interesting discounts in all available versions.

Of course, remember that this is a limited offer that will come to an end on December 20, so we recommend not let it pass if you are interested in buying the new installment of EA football simulator. That said, let’s look at the prices it temporarily holds.

The Standard Edition of FIFA 18, which had a price of 69.99 euros before the start of the promotion, has temporarily reduced its value by 42% and now costs 39.99 euros. The FIFA 18 Ronaldo Edition, which includes the base game, a series of extras in the form of FUT cards and FIFA Points, and whose price was at 89.99 euros, has reduced its value by 44% and temporarily costs 49.99 euros.

The Icon Edition of FIFA 18, whose original price was 99.99 euros, has reduced its price by 30% and is currently 69.99 euros. Remember that this offer is for a limited time and will come to an end in just under 48 hours. Once it comes to an end, Sony will update this promotion by adding a new title and which will be the eleventh to date.