FIFA 19 – Kick Off Modes

FIFA 19 features an improved Kick Off mode. UEFA Champions League, the new game feature, is now part of this mode. Players can make their own experience by choosing from graphic elements and rules. The personalized Champions League mode includes stage matches as well. House rules provide players with the chance to enjoy a game of football with uncommon rules. In survival mode, a player from the team gets removed when someone from the same team scores a goal. The removed player is randomly chosen but it will never be the goalkeeper. Long range mode is for those who like to score goals from outside the box. Goals scored from this position will count as two. Players can also score normal goals from inside the box. First to mode allows players to choose a victory condition such as the first team to score two goals wins. The game doesn’t necessarily end after the condition is met. If players desire, the match will continue as normal. Headers and volleys mode is a fun way to play the game. The only goals that count in this mode are those scored with volleys or headers. Then there is the no rules mode in which players will take part in a game without fouls or offside calls.

Best of series is a straightforward mode with three or five games. The games have normal rules. In home and away mode, players will be required to participate in a home game and in an away game. The winner is chosen based on the number of scored goals. The team that scores the most goals in these two games wins. In case of a tie, the winner is the team that scored the most goals in the away game. If this does not solve the tie, there will be extra time and penalty shots. Cup finals is another mode that is part of Kick Off. If players choose to play cup finals, they get to take part in games created based on real cup finals from Europa League, Champions League, and other leagues. These games feature official uniforms, balls, and broadcast to provide an immersive authentic experience.