FIFA 19 Ultimate Team Updates

Ultimate Team is an important FIFA 19 mode so it’s only natural for the developers to constantly improve it. The last two game updates came with some changes for this beloved mode. Since it was released, Ultimate Team became more popular with each game iteration. Developers are taking players’ feedback into consideration when making changes to it. Division Rivals is a new Ultimate Team feature introduced in the 2018 game. It was a very well received feature but players had one complaint about it. For some, it’s not that easy to find a game and that is not much fun. Developers knew that they need to make some updates. The solution was to implement some changes before that match. Thanks to these updates players can now find games much easier. Here are the updates.

The Ultimate Team club established date for the opponent is not displayed anymore. This also happens with the club and squad name. The adversary’s online ID will now be available only if players use the list members option but this will also be removed in a future update. As a result, the new interface will have less info than before. These were the changes implemented in Update 2. The following Update 3 had even more changes to improve the match finding process for players. Players will notice that their team is shown on the left side. The right side is for the opponent. It doesn’t matter anymore which teams are home and away. Players will see the info displayed in this way in the kit select, team select, and in the preview before the match interface. The kit select screen will show teams wearing the kit chosen as home in default mode. The team’s crest can be seen on the right side when players are in the team management screen. The updates are first available for PC with consoles following shortly after. Update 3 also contains some gameplay changes and adds 50 new star heads to the game. FIFA 19 mule account buy and get ready for new updates now!