FIFA 19: Video Would Demonstrate Shameful Use of Scripts in the Video Game

Is it real scripting? This term referring to ‘script’ or ‘pre-programmed sequence’ has been one of the splinters on the finger for both FIFA and PES in recent years. These are supposed actions that are generated to affect the development of a game and that supposedly break with the real load of competition in the mentioned games. The latest title of the EA Sports saga, has not been oblivious to the accusations of scripting, as evidenced by a video on YouTube.

The EA Sports series, FIFA, is probably the most important in today’s video game niche, at least for commercial reasons and license-holding reasons. Together with Pro Evolution Soccer (PES), its Konami counterpart, they undoubtedly lead the title sector on simulation of the king sport, for several years now.

However, it is important to emphasize some aspects of the nature of these titles, such as their frequency on the market (one version per year) and their growing importance to the eSports scene. Importance that could overshadow for the eyes of many players who accuse both games of using scripts, since several years ago.

The term script or scripting refers to sequenced events, or in itself “scripted” in the development of a soccer game whose mechanics (based mainly on the physics of a ball and which would in and of itself define the random nature of the end up manipulating. However, it is a term that can be assimilated in many ways, some of them confusing.

Theoretically, every video game is generated based on lines of code, which can also be known as scripts. But what some FIFA and PES players accuse, is the existence of sequenced and pre-programmed events that are triggered to change the outcome of a football game. More precisely, in the conversion of a goal, whose importance in changing a game does not need explanation.