FIFA 20 Player: Path to Pro

Living the Dream

We all, at least once, thought about playing video games for a living. I know, it’s that kind of sparkle that never really goes away. Imagine, making tons of cash just by playing your favorite game… Well, that’s the life of the pros.

With FIFA 20, the path to FIFA eWorld Cup is clearly stated. One of the ways to get to the best FIFA Players in the world is with FUT 20. That’s what competitive play is for.


Consistency is the Key

First things first, you need to be a FUT Champion Verified. For that you need to be over 16 years old and register for the FIFA 20 Global Series at one of the two registration windows (the first in mid January and the second one in October). After that, you need to win 27 matches in one weekend.

After being Verified, you can start to get Global Series Points to climb through the Global Series Rankings.


Getting to a FUT Champions Cup

Ok, now you are verified. Time to start playing like a FIFA pro player. You need to qualify for one of the six FUT Champions Cups in the qualifiers held one month before the real thing. If you manage to get qualified, your flight and expenses will be paid so you can play the live cup!

Four seats are reserved for the Global Series Masters, according to the platform. The other 28 are divided according to the region, being Europe the one with most seats (16), followed by the Americas (8), Asia/Pacific (2) and Africa/Middle East (2).

As I said, the flights and hotel will be paid by the cup, so you don’t need to worry about money to play it. Add that to the amazing prize of $50,000 (more than I make in one year, dude) and the chance of getting to the eWorld Cup and you will know why you should try hard to get here.

That’s only one of the ways to get there, FIFA 20 has several other tournaments and cups for you to get to the top and be a real FIFA pro player.

It is important to know that to participate in the qualifiers, you can’t have a FIFA Player with less than 75 OVR and your team can’t have an OVR above 84. You can count on U7BUY to get that small boost you need in order to get ready!

So, what you think? Are you up to the challenge?

Stay tuned for more info about FIFA 20!


(Contributed by: Heuki)