FIFA 20 Pro Clubs New Features

FIFA 20 comes with improvements on all fronts. Pro Clubs mode is not left out so if you are a fan of this activity prepare to experience in a new way. The designers took players’ feedback into consideration and made some changes. Expect to see more customization options. This mode can now be played in more ways. Here are some of the features you will find when you check out Pro Clubs in FIFA 20.

A new character creation system is now available. This new avatar system is used by the entire game so you will have access to it when playing other modes as well. The old Virtual Pro system is still a part of the new system. You will notice that now you have a complex tool that allows you to create a unique character.

Players will be happy to know that some positions that were removed are part of the game once again. The stamina system also went through some changes. More than 30 traits have been added to the game. The broadcast system is improved as well. Players will notice new features such as banners, a new logo, a watermark, and more. If the stadium can have banners, then the banners of the home and away teams will be shown. The match intro, half time, and score will have augmented reality overlays. This system will allow players to enjoy a superior broadcasting experience.

The Pro Clubs games will now be color-coded so players can easily distinguish between friendlies, cup, and league games based on their color. The good news doesn’t stop here. Two new ways of playing this mode have been added. Players will be able to train in practice matches. These types of matches give players the possibility to train their game against the AI. More difficulty options are available. House rules cups are the other type of games. This is the system from the Kick-Off mode. Developers have also confirmed that all gameplay modifications will be in Pro Clubs as well. A couple of bugs were also fixed. Players that have the any position will not run out of stamina faster than others anymore. If the goalkeeper is the captain of the team, this will not influence the game stability.

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