FIFA 21: The best goalkeepers


On the next list, we will show you which players are the best goalkeepers in FIFA 21 according to their ratings. Thanks to them, you can keep your goal clean if you manage to sign them.

In general, goalkeepers are not usually the high rating players in FIFA series, although this year gamers are able to find some exceptions at the same level as the best forwards.

In this list, we want to offer you the best goalkeepers in FIFA 21. They have the highest valuation so that you can sign them for your team, or fear them if they fall into the opposing team.

Let’s check out the 20 best goalkeepers in FIFA 21:

  1. Jan Oblak (Atlético de Madrid), with an 91 OVR, 87 Stretched, 92 Stops, Serve of 78, 90 Reflexes, 50 Speed, and 90 Positioning.
  2. Marc-André Verstegen (FC Barcelona), with an 90 OVR, 85 Stretched, 88 Stops, 85 Serve, 90 Reflexes, 43 Speed, and 88 Positioning.
  3. Alisson (Liverpool), with an 90 OVR, 86 Stretched, 88 Stops, 85 Serve, 89 Reflexes, 52 Speed, and 91 Positioning.
  4. Manuel Neuer (Bayer Munich), with an 89 OVR, 87 Stretched, 87 Stops, 91 Serve, 89 Reflexes, 56 Speed, and 86 Positioning.
  5. Thibaut Courtois (Real Madrid), with an 89 OVR, 84 Stretched, 89 Stops, 74 Serve, 88 Reflexes, 46 Speed, and 85 Positioning.

FIFA 21 is out right now for the current generation of consoles: PlayStation 4, Windows PC, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. If you are enjoying the game, you can always buy FIFA 21 coins on U7BUY!


(Contributed by Guillermo Bisbal; Edited by Hermes_Fang)