FIFA Mobile – How to Play the Icons Event

Icons is one of the FIFA Mobile events. It’s a weekly event that gives rewards so players shouldn’t miss it. The event is refreshed every Saturday. The event has four chapters: Weekly, Attackers, Midfielders, and Defenders. The objective of this event is to play skill games and to unlock rewards. Players will obtain points that are used as currency. The points can be exchanged for random rewards. To get specific rewards, players must complete squad building challenges.

Here is how a chapter looks like. The Weekly chapter has 19 activities. The first one offers some info so it’s completed just by tapping on it and reading the tip. The other activities are skill games such as golden target, over the wall, penalties, and such. Tapping on an activity reveals more about it so players know in advance what rewards they might get and they also know how much stamina is consumed when playing the activity. The other three chapters allow players to unlock specific player item cards. Players are placed in chapters based on their position so Attacker chapter has attackers and so on. Each player item must be unlocked by completing a series of episodic challenges. Just like in the Weekly chapter, players get more info about a challenge by tapping it. They will get rewards for each completed challenge. The rewards include skill boosts and training XP. For each player item, there are four challenges that must be completed. Attackers, Midfielders, and Defenders chapters share the same structure. Each chapter has a different number of activities. There are 92 in Attackers chapter, 50 in Midfielders, and 64 in Defenders. The OVR of the Icon players varies but it’s generally pretty high. There are 88 OVR and 93 OVR players and also some in between. When a challenge is completed, players get access to a special offer in the FIFA Mobile store. For example, completing the Maldini legacy squad building challenge unlocks two 100,000 Maldini XP items for 2,000 FIFA points. The new version FIFA 19 is close now, buy FIFA 19 Coins online will help you save time and defeat in the game.