FIFA Mobile – What is the Scouting Event

The Events screen in FIFA Mobile has several activities that require players to complete tasks for rewards. One of these events is known as the Scouting event. The event can be played once every four hours so it can easily become a regular activity. The event is called Scouting because it offers a way to acquire new players for the team. When users complete tasks pertaining to the event they will obtain a specific currency called Scouting points. These points are then exchanged for items that are part of different leagues. As players advance they get to scout more regions and acquire players from various leagues around the world.

Scouting events are tasks that must be completed to get the Scouting points. It costs two stamina to initiate a task. The reward is one point and FIFA Mobile coins. After the task is completed, players need to wait four hours for it to become playable again. The objectives to complete the task have increasing difficulty so it’s pretty easy to complete them at lower levels and they don’t pose much threat to veteran players either. The points are transformed into players. There are several regions available. The first region is Rest of the World that gives access to players from K League Classic, Dawry Jameel League, or Hyundai A-League. The player items in this region cost one point. Players can see the possible rewards but the obtained item is random. The number of owned points is displayed on the top side of the screen, between the stamina bar and the coins icon, when one of the region screens is active. As soon as players obtain a player from a region, the next one unlocks. The next region is South America. It has better players that cost two points. North America region comes next with players that consume three points. For Europe 2 region players, four points are spent. Europe 1 with five points players comes next. Each region has more expensive but better players. FIFA points can be used instead of Scouting points.