More and More Cards Are Added to FIFA 18

The Russian World Cup has been around for about 3 weeks since it started. We have seen impressive games, where the teams gave absolutely everything they had. Likewise, we have seen performances that have left us breathless, such as the games in Mexico, Iceland and South Korea, these were teams that gave a demonstration of how it is played with the heart.

EA Sports is treating its fans well

EA Sports surprised a month ago with the update of the Russian World Cup 2018. Many thought that after this DLC in FIFA 18, EA Sports would stop adding content until the end of the World Cup. Everyone was wrong.

FUT: Festival of Football

FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) keeps updated with the latest cards of the 2018 World Cup and now many more will be added thanks to the “Festival of Futball” event. The first round, as we have mentioned, belonged to the best fifa 18 players of the World Cup.

In this list are Kolarov, Coutinho, Harry Kane, Lukaku, Diego Costa, Cristiano Ronaldo and others who were chosen by FIFA itself to be the figures of the party. Now, it’s up to the “European Classics Heroes”.
Buffon, Fernando Torres, John Terry, Marchisio, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Iker Casillas, Arjen Robben and many others make up this incredible list. Do not forget to check the FUT market, as it is updated every day. EA Sports does not rest with FIFA 18.

What do you think? This will be a great addition to the EA´s formula? Give us your opinion in the comments box.