NBA 2K18 – How to perform advanced offense controls on Nintendo Switch

NBA 2K18 players can do advanced offense moves using the Joy-Con grip and the left or right Joy-Cons. To do a positional playcall, players will first press the L button and then select a player. The menu that opens will contain the option. When the X button is pressed, an overhead or lob pass is done. It’s really easy to do a flashy pass, just a quick double press of the A button is needed. If the X button is double tapped, then the player will do an alley-oop. A dribble pitch or a handoff is a more complicated move but that too can be done with the Joy-Con grip.

At first, the player will be positioned to the ball with the A button. Then the user can just wait for the player to be in handoff range or release the A button which will cause an early pass. A lead to basket pass can also be performed. This is done in the same manner as the previous command but the X button is used instead of A. A fake pass is done by pressing X and A. If the Y and B buttons are pressed, then a jump pass is performed. If the Y button is held, the player will do a putback dunk or a layup but he can also finish alley-oop. A give and go move is done by holding the B button and releasing it to make the ball come back.

The same moves can be done using only one of the Joy-Cons. For the overhead or lob pass move, the up directional button is used on the left Joy-Con and the Y on the right one. The flashy pass is done with the right directional button on the left one and with the X on the right. For the alley-oop, players will use up button and the Y button. The dribble pitch move is done exactly the same as with the Grip but different buttons are used. It’s the right button for the left one and the X for the right one. The lead to basket is done with up button on the left Joy-Con and with the Y button on the right Joy-Con. The give and go buttons are down for the left and A for the right. For the fake pass, players will press up and the right stick or Y and X. The jump pass is done with left and down buttons or with B and A. The putback dunk is done by holding the left button or B.