Which H1Z1 Pro League team do you prefer?

H1Z1 Pro League is the first professional league for the popular battle/auto royale game. The first season will take place in 2018 with the starting games planned for late April. Fifteen teams will compete in this debut season. Players and fans can show appreciation towards their favorite team in many ways. And one of these ways is to acquire a themed Pro League DLC from Steam. There are 15 of these DLCs available. There is one for each team. The DLCs are available on Steam just like the game. It goes without saying that a DLC cannot be obtained if the game is not in the buyer’s library. The good news is that H1Z1 is now free to play so anyone can download it.

The price for a DLC is around 16 euros. Variances in price occur due to players’ location, local currency, and exchange rate. Each pack has the same items but the theme is different. There are several items in each pack. When opening a pack, players will discover cosmetic items and parachutes. These items are just like the ones used by the pro players so supporters have the opportunity to dress up just like their favorites. Items bear the branding of specific teams. The complete list of the teams that are taking part in this first season is available on the league’s official website. Well-known professional gaming organizations like Team Vitality, Cloud9, or Team SoloMid have representatives in the Pro League. The money obtained from the DLCs sales goes into league support. This means that teams and players will benefit from the sales so players have a real opportunity to help their favored team. Those who are interested in watching the games are invited to check out H1Z1 Pro League Twitter and Facebook profiles. The event is held in Las Vegas at the Caesars Entertainment venue but also streamed online. Fans can watch the stream and all important league related events live on Facebook.

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