Why Madden NFL 18 did not hit on his Super Bowl prediction?

Year after year, one of EA’s consecrated sagas has been updated, which has delighted all its fans. New graphics, new moves and new possibilities on the field are just some of the things that Madden NFL updates year after year. However, in Madden NFL 18 something was updated and we have not realized yet.

At present it is very difficult to keep a secret, especially of an important situation. Let’s take an example: the results of WWE, apart from being predictable, are also filtered by WWE personnel or by their own mistakes. Whatever the reason, the truth is that the internet is the culprit of this happening, but, let’s continue.

An accurate prediction year after year

The Madden NFL saga has been successful in its prediction of the Madden 18 Super Bowl winner by many, but many years. It seems that the creators of the game do this with all the intention … that’s the way it is. How else would they always know who is going to win? It is obvious that the producers and designers of the game already have this information, however, this year it was decided not to tell them.

We all love surprises and the winner of a sporting event of the magnitude of the Super Bowl is no exception. That’s why NFL officials decided not to reveal the secret to the Madden NFL 18 designers.

As you can see, it’s not such a big secret, in fact, we’re pretty sure that most people who know the predictions of Madden’s games know this. It’s just a matter of thinking a little outside the box.

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